Sewer Backflow Prevention


            The City of Cabot Ordinance No.43 of 2005 states, that Cabot WaterWorks will not pay for damage caused by sewer backflow. It is the wastewater customer’s responsibility to install a back flow prevention device in their wastewater connection line.  

            The backflow prevention device (see picture below) must be installed between your home and the main sewer line.  The device has a flapper valve inside that will open when water is flushed from your home and will close if the main sewer line backs up. The device will provide protection from sewer backing up into homes. The device does not need to be installed by a plumber if the homeowner feels comfortable doing it themselves.  Your service line will have to be cut and the backflow valve inserted.  You will need to contact a hardware or plumbing supply store to purchase the backflow prevention device. Cabot WaterWorks does not recommend a particular store or backflow manufacturer.

After installation, Cabot Waterworks highly recommends routine inspection of the device to check for debris preventing the flapper from closing properly.

If you do not know if you have a backflow valve installed or do not know where your service line is, please contact Cabot WaterWorks at (501)843-4654.  A work order will be generated and we will assist you as soon as we can, depending on current workload.


Please understand it is the homeowners’ responsibility to install the backflow prevention device in your service line, not Cabot WaterWorks’.  This is protection for your home.

 Failure to install a backflow device may result in RAW SEWAGE in your home.



Backflow Device

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