Cross-Connection Control Program

The Arkansas Department of Health requires that a public water system institute a cross-connection control program to protect the distribution system from backflow caused by cross-connections.

In accordance with the minimum standards, Cabot WaterWorks requires the completion of a cross-connection control assessment survey prior to the installation of a commercial, industrial, or irrigation meter.

The use of the property will determine whether Cabot WaterWorks will require the installation of a Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly to protect against a potential cross-connection.

The Arkansas State Plumbing Code mandates that only a licensed plumber install an RPZA. State plumbing and health codes further require the testing of the RPZA within 10 days of installation and annually thereafter.  Annual test results must be provided to Cabot WaterWorks for our records or service could be discontinued.  You may provide Cabot WaterWorks the results by mail, email, or fax;  PO Box 1287, Cabot, AR 72023 / 501-605-1743 fax / EMAIL  Mike Bickerstaff or Kathy Wood

Only personnel with Backflow Assembly Tester Technician certification from the Arkansas Health Department may test backflow assemblies within the Cabot WaterWorks service area. These technicians must also be registered with Cabot WaterWorks before testing in Cabot WaterWorks service area. The technician must submit the test results to CABOT WATERWORKS. Failure to comply with the cross-connection control requirements may result in the discontinuation of service. An RPZA installation must be above ground on the customers’ side of the meter and before the first point of use. An installation inside a building must be in a location that provides for adequate drainage for discharge.

Following is contact information to obtain requirements necessary to comply with the Cross-Connection Control Program:

Mike Bickerstaff

Field Service Manager

501.843.4654 ext. 221

501.605.1743 (fax)

Kathy Wood

Customer Service Manager


ext. 222



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Links of Interest

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