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Welcome to Cabot Water Works Human Resources Department 



     Contact info:  Karen Ballard  Human Resources Manager



501-605-1740 Call or 501-605-1743 fax



Adobe Reader is required to view job descriptions and applications


Download Free copy of Adobe Reader 9.3 - Click Here


It is now possible to download and FILL in Job Applications (Adobe Files)

and e-mail directly to Karen Ballard (Human Resources Manager).

Click the link below to download and install "Adobe Reader DC"


               JOB DESCRIPTIONS


Operations Mgr.






Please note the following on how to use ADOBE READER DC.

Applicants To complete the application and send to Cabot Waterworks do the following:

              1. Open the application (Adobe Reader DC)

              2. Look on menu on right hand side.

              3. Click on Fill & Sign.

              4. Complete application.

              5. Click on Send & Track.

              6. Click on Envelope at top of screen and attach to email.

              7. Use default email.

              8. Email to


Do not fax applications to Cabot Water Works.  

All applications must be mailed, e-mailed or hand delivered to Cabot Water Works Offices







Cabot Water Works does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, veteran, or disability status. Cabot Water Works will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with a disability to ensure equal access to employment, programs, services and activities.






















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